Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to make reservations?

No! Walk-ins are welcome.


Can I make a reservation?

You can book online here. That being said, if you are simply coming in to do one or two races, it’s easier to just come on in!


Do you have food?

We have a small snack bar containing chips, candy, ice cream, hot dogs, and super pretzels. We DO NOT allow outside food or beverages but we are able to order food for you from our designated catering company. We would be happy to send you a menu prior to your visit so you may order food, or you may ask to view the menu when you come in.


Can I bring in my own food?

We do NOT allow outside food/beverages.


Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

We do NOT serve any alcoholic beverages. We also will not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs to race.


What do I need to bring?

Yourself! We suggest bringing closed-toed shoes as they are required. In the winter months we also suggest bringing gloves since the track is not heated or cooled. We have shoe rentals for $3/visit.


How long have you been here?

Mid Atlantic Grand Prix opened in October of 2005. New ownership occurred in October 2010. We rebranded as Xtreme Zone in 2020 with more activities.


Why is it so cold/hot on the race track?

Our karts are GAS POWERED. This means that we must ventilate the track area. There are many vents and fans pulling air in and pushing air out of the track. This means that the track will be the same temperature as it is outside. Even if we used heaters/air conditioning, it would not work in the ventilated area.


Are there Age Requirements?

Minimum age to drive our junior karts is 8 years old.  Drivers aged 8 – 15 use junior karts.  Drivers 16+ use our adult karts.  We don’t allow junior and adult karts on the track at the same time.  So parents can’t race their children aged 8 – 15.  Children under 8 can ride in our 2 seater with their PARENT.


HELP! I can't find you! Where are you located?

We are located in Tri-State Business Park. We are across the street from the DMV and Lowes. We share a driveway with Cohen Bros. Furniture store. You will drive back as if you are headed into I-Storage.


Do you have activities other than karting?

Yes! We now offer axe throwing and virtual reality racing simulators. We also have an arcade, a small snack bar, and TVs dedicated to sports channels.


How fast are your karts?

On our track, the top speed is around 45mph.


How can I get my child (younger than 8) involved in racing?

You would need to buy your own kart. The following link shows different options you have, and what you can do once you have the kart and experience:


Do you sell go-karts/go-kart parts?

We do not sell karts or parts. Our karts are from Europe. You may be able to find used karts online in your area. Check ebay, craigslist, or facebook.


What is the weight limit and height limit?

The maximum weight is 300lbs. Minimum height is 48″ tall.  While there is no maximum height, taller folks may feel a little more cramped. 


Is there a paper waiver I can sign?

No. In order to participate, every driver must create their OWN account and sign an electronic waiver. This can be done online or in person, but it must be done on the computer.

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